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Neena Gupta: People Get Surprised That Masaba and I Call Each Other Up Three Times a Day | Exclusive

The scintillating dynamic between actor Neena Gupta and fashion designer-cum-actor Masaba Gupta is no secret, thanks to Masaba Masaba, a web series which offers a peek into their lives. The edgy friction, the amusing banter and the heartfelt conversations, which encapsulate the bond between the mother-daughter duo, remain the highlight of the show.

In an exclusive chat with News18, Neena opens up on her real-life equation with Masaba and shares that physical distance is hardly a constraint. “Masaba and I don’t live together. But we keep calling each other. So many people express surprise when they come to know that we call each other up two-three times a day. A guy once told me that he speaks to his mother only once a week!” she says.

The 63-year-old adds, “But there’s no hard and fast rule that we need to talk to each other three times. If Masaba is busy, we don’t speak as much. Both of us are extremely busy with work but we also make time for each other.”

Neena credits Masaba for helping her keep up with the changing times and acquainting her with social media trends, pop culture and millennial lingo. She states, “Whatever is trending today, I come to know from Masaba only. There’s a friend of ours who often says that when he was young, he preferred the company of older people to learn from them, and now that he has turned old, he learns from youngsters. I completely agree with him.”

The Badhaai Ho (2018) actor had earlier revealed that she didn’t let Masaba pursue a career in acting. And so, when she watched her in Masaba Masaba for the first time, she was pleasantly surprised. Neena recalls, “I didn’t know that she could act so well! Most actors become better with each project. But Masaba was amazing right since her first. I was very impressed. I think she has it in her and she should do more roles of different flavours. Why should she waste her talent?”

Quiz her if there’s a commonality that bonds them, and Neena candidly shares, “I get up at five o’clock in the morning and I finish most of my work by ten. Masaba is just like me. That’s also the reason why we have enough time for ourselves after work. We love enjoying life.”​

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