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Narada Jayanthi 2022: History, Significance, Puja Vidhi and All You Need to Know About Narada Muni

NARADA JAYANTI 2022: Narada Jayanti marks and celebrates Devrishi Narada’s birth anniversary. God’s emissary was Narada Muni. He represents modern journalists, he is the forefather of musicians, and he is Narada Muni, an important Vedic guru. He was a fervent devotee of Lord Vishnu and could usually be heard chanting devotional songs in his favour. His singing is complemented by his Veena.

When the embodiment of truth, ‘Narayana,’ is recited by Narada, he becomes the proclaimer of truth. Narada regards everyone of Lord Vishnu’s creations as equal, makes no distinctions, and gives everyone the truth. Narada Jayanti is observed to mark the triumph of truth and purity over evil. Narada Jayanti will be observed this year on May 17.

Narada Jayanti is celebrated on Pratipada Tithi during Krishna Paksha of Jyeshtha month, as per the Hindu calendar. This festival is usually celebrated the day after Buddha Purnima. It only happens in extremely rare instances when it falls on Buddha Purnima.

Narada Jayanti: Puja Vidhi

On this day, devotees fast and eat only dairy products and fruits, avoiding pulses and grains. Before the puja, a bath is taken and new clothing is put on. On this day, Chandan, tulsi leaves, kumkum, incense sticks, flowers, and sweets are presented to Lord Vishnu and Narada Muni.

Pratipada Tithi will begin at 09:43 AM on May 16, and will end at 06:25 AM on May 17.

The day is mostly observed in northern India, although it is also recognised in some regions of southern India. On this day, a couple of Narada Muni shrines in Karnataka hold Narada Jayanti festivities.

Narada Jayanti: Significance

Narada is also regarded as intelligent, despite his reputation for misbehaviour. He used to carry information from the three Triloks, Akash, Patala, and Prithvi, to the gods. He could go to any location in the universe. His activities that caused a lot of confusion between the suras and asuras were vital for maintaining the Universe’s balance.

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