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Mobile Numerology Today, 19 November, 2022: Basic Tips to Choose Lucky Phone Number

Mobile Numerology Today, 19 November, 2022: You may call it a coincidence, but the fact is that many of our problems can be sorted if we choose the right kind of mobile number.

Now see what all to be taken care of in this process:

  1. The total of the mobile number should be a friendly number.
  2. Avoid the total of 4, 7 and 8
  3. Make it a mandatory point to avoid repetition of numbers as the planetary power would be affected, especially the enemy numbers in date of birth can create trouble
  4. The numbers can be held as to one’s priority in life-education, knowledge, personal life, money, status
  5. The sum total of mobile number should be either friendly or atleast neutral with psychic number and destiny number.
  6. Your mobile never should contain the digits which are directly missing in your date of birth. This will bring the power of planets which are missing in life.
  7. While settling the total, you should also consider the nature of your business or profession as there are specific numbers for specific industry.
  8. The total of digit “0″ is to be ignored.
  9. Bring your concentration more on the utility of mobile networks rather than style.
  10. Also fanciful VIP numbers could bring something in excess and loose many things in return. Therefore avoid such number to bring the balance in terms of professional growth, money, opportunities, spirituality, family and social status.

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