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Mercedes C-Class price vs Audi A6, comfort and luxury, features, colours

The tech-loaded C-Class is priced at a premium in its segment, while the 4-year-old and bigger A6 now has attractive deals on it.

I’m confused between the new Mercedes C-Class and an Audi A6 that’s available with a discount. My family is more inclined towards the C-Class, but I’m getting a great deal on the A6, which actually saves me a few lakhs over the Merc. Which is the better car to drive and be driven in, and will the A6 command a resale value as strong as the Mercedes?

Faisal, Mumbai

Autocar India says: As you might be aware, the Audi A6 is a segment above the C-Class, and competes with the E-Class. So based on your negotiations, you are getting a bigger, more premium and more luxurious car compared to the C-Class. The Audi isn’t a sporty handler, its interiors aren’t as modern and its tech isn’t cutting-edge. However, its engine packs quite a punch, and fit-finish, quality and feel are simply excellent though. Ride comfort feels plush, back seat experience is comfier and even though Mercedes could have an upper hand when it comes to residual value, with the A6, you are getting a lot of car for the money. Hence, it is the Audi A6 at a discounted price, which gets our vote.

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