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McAfee unveils advanced deepfake audio detection technology

McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, launched an AI-powered deepfake audio detection technology called Project Mockingbird to safeguard consumers against the surging threat of cybercriminals utilising fabricated, AI-generated audio to scam people for money and personal information. 

To combat scams like voice cloning impersonating family members in distress for financial gain, McAfee Labs has developed an advanced AI model. This model employs contextual, behavioural, and categorical detection models powered by AI, achieving a remarkable 90 per cent accuracy rate in identifying AI-generated audio within videos. The technology offers unparalleled protection against malicious “cheapfakes” or deepfakes, providing a crucial defence for consumers.

Steve Grobman, Chief Technology Officer at McAfee, emphasised the significance of McAfee’s latest AI detection capabilities, providing customers with a tool operating at over 90 per cent accuracy. This empowers individuals to navigate their digital world with confidence, assessing content authenticity more accurately. Grobman highlighted its effectiveness in preventing scams involving cloned celebrities and ensuring consumers can differentiate between real and AI-generated content, particularly in critical scenarios like videos about presidential candidates.

The deepfake audio detection technology will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024, demonstrating McAfee’s commitment to developing a comprehensive portfolio of cross-platform AI models serving multiple use cases. In an era where consumers are increasingly wary of the sophisticated nature of scams, McAfee aims to restore trust by providing robust tools that enhance their ability to differentiate between genuine and manipulated digital content.

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