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Manan Bhardwaj Spills Beats on the ‘Animal’ Anthem: The Roar, Magic and More | EXCLUSIVE –

Manan Bhardwaj talks about creating the musical title for the Ranbir Kapoor film Animal, which opens in theatres on December 1, 2023. (Image: Instagram)

Explore the gripping musical voyage behind ‘Animal’ in this interview with Manan Bhardwaj, where he tells the inception of the movie’s theme song, Arjan Vailly and the upbeat vibe in the recording studio.

The buzz is undoubtedly growing, and the public’s pulse, rising as the release of Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s ‘Animal’ draws near. Manan Bhardwaj, an adept composer, is the man behind the amazing soundtrack that promises to be the lifeblood of the movie. Renowned for his unique and soul-stirring compositions, Manan gives his thoughts on how he created the musical magic for this film starring Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, Bobby Deol and others.

Manan Bhardwaj’s foray into the music of ‘Animal’ marks another chapter in his evolving legacy as a composer.

Exerpts from the interview:

With style, swag, rhythm, melody, attitude, and a unique edge, ‘Arjan Vailly’ masterfully captures every necessary element for a hit song. Could you describe the first feelings that rushed through you when you were asked to be on this amazing track?

My mind was teaming with thoughts and ideas about how the music for this track should be. I found myself confused between the allure of typical Punjabi beats and the vibe of hip-hop. However, a profound revelation came when Sandeep Vanga sir shared his insights and narration with me, shaping the track into what it is now. I never thought that it would become an anthem. Really grateful.

Memorable Moments..

Let me tell you about Arjan Vailly! The energy Babbal Pahji was carrying that day was so positive and contagious. We recorded for, like, hours. Me & Sandeep Sir took so many takes of “Chakk Oyye” from Babbal Phaji in my studio, and it was so loud in rehearsal and recording that the next day my neighbours sounded worried for us. Recording Arjan Vailly was pure fun.

Creative Beginnings..

Rahman Sahab, Jagjit Singh Sahab, and Nusrat Sahab have been my guiding lights. I have religiously followed their music. Their artistry, coupled with the constant encouragement and support from my father, has been instrumental in moulding my musical identity. The taste of music that I have developed is largely influenced by my father’s musical choices that he made me listen to. Still, while growing up, I had all the liberty to choose what resonated with me, and I believe that has allowed my authentic voice as a composer and singer to flourish.

Favorite Composition..

Shiddat. One because it’s my first. Second, because pehla bachha sabko jyada pyaara hota hai.

Dream Project and Future Collaborations..

The list is long, and I cannot disclose it here. Those collaborations should make some noise when they happen.

Upcoming Projects..

Right now, all I want everyone to enjoy is ‘Animal Fever’. A lot are coming; a lot will come 🙂

In the trailer, the song ‘Saari Duniya Jala Denge’ sounds so close to Chitta from Shiddat. What are your thoughts on the songs, and how were they initially received?

Before me, hundreds of adaptations had been done for that beautiful melody. A lot will happen after us, too! Ye folk hai aata rahega, bas achhe se aaye. I heard the track. Both Jaani Phaji and B. Praak Phaji have killed it.

With ‘Animal’ set to storm theatres on December 1, 2023, Manan Bharadwaj’s musical skills are certain to be a key component of the cinematic experience. Bharadwaj promises fans that there is much more musical magic in the works, and with ‘Animal fever’ playing as the current anthem, we can’t wait to hear the symphony of sounds he has yet to reveal.

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