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Malaika Arora Struggles To Motivate Son Arhaan and Her Nephews As She Takes Them For An Adventurous Trip

Last Updated: December 21, 2022, 20:35 IST

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan separated after 19 years of marriage in 2017 but continue to co-parent their son Arhaan.

Malaika Arora takes her son Arhaan Khan and nephews on a trek in the recent episode of her reality show, Moving In With Malaika.

In the recent episode of her reality show, Malaika Arora took her son, Arhaan Khan and her two nephews out for an adventurous trip. She took them for a trek before the real adventure activities. However, little did she knew that the trek might only ruin her plans. After Malaika, Arhaan and her sister Amrita Arora’s sons reach the resort, they complained about the tiring journey and refused to take part in any activity henceforth.

“Mimi makes us do such adventurous stuff. I wish we had mom (Amrita Arora) because then she would make us all just chill and eat food, rest and go shopping,” one of Malaika’s nephews said and added, “We are just tired and our legs are hurting”. When Malaika tried to motivate them for planned activities, the two shared that they are too tired for it.

“But we have come this far to chill and have a good time,” Malaika said, “We have driven this far. Would you all do the same drama with your mumma? We have come this far. All those commandos are waiting out there. You guys are sitting and saying your legs and hands are paining. Big much! I wanted us to do something nice, chill and have fun,” she added. The actress also tried to convince children saying if they decide not to take part in any of the activities, it will be a waste of their time.

Malaika then decided to ask her son Arhaan Khan to help and convince his cousins. However, she was even more disappointed to see that her son was also fast asleep in his room. She woke Arhaan up and told him, “What do we do now? All those people are waiting for us to do this obstacle course,” she said.

When Arhaan complained about ‘long and tiring day’, the actress said, “I know this was a long day, it was tiring but we also decided to do this. We have come this far not to eat butter chicken and kaali daal.”

As the three kids refused to take part in the activities, Malaika asked them not to be ‘irritating’. She then angrily left the room, asking them to pack their bags so that they can leave back for Mumbai.

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