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Malaika Arora Offered ‘Middle Class, Aspiring Comedian’ Role; She Calls It ‘Worst Nightmare’

Malaika Arora was offered an acting role by Housefull director Farhad Samji in the new episode of Moving In with Malaika. The second episode, which premiered on Tuesday evening, featured Malaika meeting with the filmmaker to discuss an upcoming project with her in the lead. The role was described as a ‘middle-class girl’ who speaks only Hindi and is an aspiring stand-up comedian.

The filmmaker reminded Malaika that not only good but different content usually works in the industry. With that vision, he dived into the narration. The film is about this young girl. She’s a very middle-class who is grown up ‘cultural, traditional background’ but she is a blabber mouth. He informed Malaika that the script is 100 pages and 90 of it she has to speak. Malaika instantly felt that she couldn’t do it.

“This girl is so fond of Hindi that she hates English,” Farhad explained which turned Malaika off. She confessed it would take her 300 years to learn the dialogues and that she would end up with grey strands by the end of it.

Explaining the story, Farhad told Malaika that the character is an aspiring stand-up comedian and the director envisions Malaika in the role. Malaika confessed that it is her ‘worst nightmare’. To top it off, the filmmaker added that the character also raps and one of the songs goes viral as well. Farhad also performed a rap demo for her and she seemed to be back on board. But Malaika requested a little time to think about the offer. While she was turned off by the idea of speaking pure Hindi, she was intrigued by the idea of playing a stand-up comic.

A few hours later, she finds herself seated with Neha Dhupia. Known to not mince her words, Neha gives Malaika a reality check. She also quizzed her as to why she turned towards Amrita Arora for advice on this and not Arjun Kapoor.

“Why are you taking Ammu’s suggestion?” Neha asked, adding that she should have turned towards Arjun or other actor friends. She reminded him, “Ammu is lovely but she worked 15 years ago. Arjun is a bona fide star who’s working in a movie.” Malaika confessed that it didn’t cross her mind. However, during the conversation with Amrita, she asked Malaika to try her hand at comedy first. She began considering it by the end of the episode.

While Neha encouraged her to take on the challenge, she reminded her that playing a stand-up comedian meant she would have to learn how to take a joke on herself. While Malaika was excited to try her hand at comedy, Neha’s reality check left her discouraged. The episode came to an end with Malaika feeling bad.

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