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Lucky Ali On His Abrupt Departure from Bollywood: ‘It Was Over When My Dad Passed Away’

Singer, songwriter and former actor Lucky Ali emerged as a significant figure of Indie pop during the 1990s. With chartbusters like O Sanam, Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, Ek Pal Ka Jeena, Aa Bhi Jaa and more, the multi-talented musician paved his way into the hearts of melomaniacs across the country. His stint as an actor was short and he decided to sever ties with Bollywood after the demise of his father Mehmood.

In one of his previous interviews with Bollywood Hungama, Lucky Ali had explained, “I have nothing in that space. I mean basically for me like it was over when dad passed away. With dad, I also had the opportunity to get out. Because I had to learn whatever I needed to learn from that space and god bless them. But it’s really bad in that sense. You might have had other complaints at some points but at some point now as you grow older you look at things through a wider perspective and with more understanding.”


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During another interview in 2017, the pop singer had also emphasised how he was averse to the current trends of cinema and how it failed to inspire him. He had expressed, “Is jagah mein badtameezi bahut hai (This place has a lot of disrespect). Bollywood has changed. The movies which are being made these days are lacking inspiration and I think there is nothing to learn from such movies. This generation’s movies are leaving a bad impact on society. People are getting violent as they are inspired with what is being showcased in the movies. I believe less patience and more greediness is being promoted through movies,”

The 64-year-old singer had led quite an eventful life owing to his attempts at unconventional professions. From horse breeding and organic farming to carpet-ckeaning business, Lucky Ali had his fair share of fun. However, he has also been a hot topic of discussion for his three marriages. Talking about the same in an interview in 2010, the pop sensation had shared, “Some are suited for one marriage. I don’t think I am suited for one marriage. I move around a lot. I am a free spirit. I get lonely. I cannot cheat. What happens when you are faced with temptations? It’s better to marry. Be honest to your wife and love your wives.”

Lucky Ali’s career trajectory includes six studio albums, six compilations, seven singles, 19 soundtracks, two concert tours and two other albums (as a composer).

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