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Karun Chandhok; F1; Formula One

Samsonite teams up with former F1 star Karun Chandhok for a thrilling showdown.

Over its 112-year long history, Samsonite has established itself as an industry leader and a purveyor of high-quality luggage and travel accessories. However, contemporary travel is a lot more than just getting on a plane with a suitcase; modern travel is an experience unto itself. Be it rugged build quality, nifty functionality or sleek design, today’s travellers require a lot more from their luggage than before. Samsonite has long had a reputation for building solid bags, and the Liteshock trolley promises to be one of the toughest yet.

If you’re curious about its credentials, homegrown former F1 star Karun Chandhok will put all your worries to rest. Chandhok, who’s only the second ever F1 driver from India, has driven for teams like Lotus and HRT as well as competing in Formula E. Facing off against a formidable foe, the Liteshock trolley had a mammoth task in the form of a gruelling tumble test: tied to the back of a high-performance vehicle and taken for a drive. Of course, this wasn’t just any drive.

The stage was set as Chandhok was given free reign and told to drive like he would on a racetrack, to which he obliged. Throughout the test, as the car drifted and slid across the track, the trolley stumbled and crashed into the walls on a number of occasions, with a lot of rubber being burned in the process. Amid the smoke, one of the tires on Chandhok’s car burst towards the end, but as the smoke settled, the Liteshock trolley still stood strong – a testament to the rugged build quality of Samsonite’s diverse range of luggage subjected to 50 cycles of tumbles, each cycle involving 5 high-impact drops.

One thing’s for sure though, when one of the most recognisable marques in the travel industry comes face to face with former F1 star-turned pundit Karun Chandhok, there’s bound to be lots of high octane action and drama.

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