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Kantara 2 Confirmed? Rishab Shetty Gets Local God’s Consent for Sequel After ‘Carrying Out’ Panjurli

Fans of Rishab Shetty of ‘Kantara’ fame are celebrating the fact that the actor-director-writer is now preparing for the sleeper-hit film’s sequel. Though there has been no official statement from Shetty about his plans, a ‘Daiva Nartaka’ has revealed the news. According to the ‘Daiva Nartaka’, Umesh Gandhakadu, Shetty had sought divine permission to take up the ‘Kantara’ sequel. And he added: “The local god has given his consent.”

The ‘Daiva Nartaka’ said: “Rishab Shetty asked us to carry out Panjurli (a local diety) seva in Mangaluru. I have done the seva in the Madivalabettu temple located at Bandale.” Gandhakadu added that he could not share more details, because when he becomes a ‘Daiva Nartaka’ it is the local god who speaks and not him.

When in his ‘Daiva Nartaka’ form, Gandhakadu made the request, the god indicated his approval. The god has suggested making the sequel with much care and meeting the caretaker of the pilgrimage centre, Dr Veerendra Hegde, a BJP Rajya Sabha member. The god has also asked Shetty to offer prayer before the god, namely, Annappa Panjurli.

Meanwhile, Rishabh Shetty plays the role of Shiva in Kantara. He said that he had a passion since childhood to play such a character. “The idea of ‘Kantara’ was conceived during the second Covid lockdown and I shot the entire movie in my hometown Kundapura, Dakshina Kannada District in Karnataka,” he added.

Talking about his breath-taking performance in the climax of Kantara, he said the climax is the imperative as that is what stays with people. He added that the regional cinemas in the late 90s had influenced western movies. However, today they are incorporating local culture and diversity has given them the much-needed vibrancy and vividity which has been accepted by the audience.

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