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Janmashtami 2022: Here’s How You Decorate Your Matki Better Than Others

The holy festival of Janmashtami is around the corner, and devotees of Lord Krishna cannot hold their excitement. Janmashtami is celebrated with much pomp and fare and special preparations are followed by those who have the small Laddu Gopal deity at home.

The Gopal deity is offered a makeover on this day and several dishes are prepared for Bhog Prasad. Many households and communities also organise the Dahi Handi and the house is also decorated with the Matki of Lord Krishna’s favourite Makhan (butter). Contests are also held in schools, colleges and residential societies judging whose Matki is the best decorated. If you plan to decorate your Matki this Janmashtami, we will offer you some help in doing so.

Decorate the matki with ribbon and gota patti

To decorate the matki, first, you have to take a small or big clay pot as per your need. Stick colourful ribbons or beautiful gota-patti on the outside of the pot and paint the matki with matching colour of gota-patti from inside to balance the aesthetics.

Decorate the matki with colours

A pot that has varying colours as a contrast looks attractive. To adorn the pot, you can use solid paint or watercolour. With the use of colours, draw any pattern of your choosing on the pot, such as a peacock or a Madhubani artwork, and let it dry. Stick pearls on the pot after painting to give the matki its final appearance.

Decorate Matki with Kundan and Pearls

Take Kundan pearls and various kinds of stars to embellish the matki. Place the kundan and beads on the pot in a straightforward pattern, and then let it sit for a while to dry. Hang pearl tassels or peacock feathers at the bottom of the pot after adhering the beads to it. Paint the pot with a good, dark colour before decorating it.

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