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Jaideep Ahlawat: Wanted to Be Army Officer But Didn’t Happen; Theatre Gave Me a Different World | Exclusive

Jaideep Ahlawat will be next seen in Bloody Brothers. The show is all set to release on March 18 on ZEE5. It is directed by Shaad Ali and also stars Zeeshan Ayyub in the lead. In the show, Jaideep and Zeeshan are playing brothers whose lives turn upside-down after a tragic accident, which they are now planning to hide.

However, in a recent interview with News18.com, Jaideep Ahlawat was asked if Bloody Brothers will be similar to the film Drishyam. The actor said that the two have nothing in common. He mentioned that while Drishyam was a serious movie, Bloody Brothers will be a family drama. “No no, it’s not like it. Drishyam is very different. Drishyam is a very serious, mystery kind of film. Bloody Brothers is very dark humour, a family drama, where the situation is going haywire and people around them are making their lives hell. But it is not like Drishyam, it’s a very different situation,” Jaideep said.

The trailer of Bloody Brothers also presented a scene in which two females can be seen kissing each other. On that note, we asked Jaideep if Bollywood and filmmakers have become comfortable in depicting homosexuality on screen. The actor argued that there is nothing new in presenting homosexuality on-screen. “I don’t think homosexuality on-screen is a new thing for the makers, the Film fire came like 20-25 years back. So there’s nothing new in that zone because we have seen it in so many ways,” he said.

Jaideep also talked about his journey in Bollywood and revealed how he always wanted to be an Indian army officer at first. The actor narrated that he could not clear the test for joining the army and that is when he started to visit a theatre.

“It’s very interesting, very nice and rollercoaster type of journey. I wanted to be an Indian army officer, that did not happen, I started going to the theatre and it gave me a different world. Then I went to the Film and Television Industry of India to study there. There were talented students around me and I think, trained myself in a way that I kind of understood this world and from there it’s been almost 12 years in the industry working and exploring myself as an actor,” he said.

On being asked if his family and friends were supportive of his decision to join the acting industry instead of the Indian army, Jaideep said, “Army I could not join because I could not crack SSB. Family ke taraf se aisa kabhi nahi hua, of course, they were worried about whether I will be able to do it or not, but they never said no to it. Thankfully, I could explore it. Pahunch gaya ek din shoot mein and then the journey started,” he shared.

Jaideep also opened up about his struggle of becoming an actor and mentioned that initially things did not happen the way he wanted them to be, but he continued to work hard. “I won’t say it was a struggle, it’s a journey from day one. You do something, you fail, you get up and do it again. It’s like acting, you do a scene, think it is not done right so you do it again. So basically, there’s no struggle in it, it’s just a different way to do it. Of course, shurwati daur mein cheeze vaise nahi hoti jaise aap chahte ho (initially things do not happen the way you want them to be) but you do it, but you can’t leave it because you like it,” he said.

Jaideep was also asked if he felt like an outsider initially in the industry, to which the actor said, “No, no never.”

Recently, the reports of Raazi 2 also made headlines. Jaideep cleared the air on the same and said, “I have no idea. Yeh aapka hi plan hai (This is your plan)” suggesting that the sequel of Raazi is not in talks for now.

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