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Infosys collaborates with Proximus to deliver IT modernisation and consolidation project

 Infosys has announced a collaboration with Proximus, Belgium based digital services and communications solutions provider, to deliver an IT modernisation and consolidation project. 

The project will see Infosys consolidating key components of the IT stack of a Proximus affiliate into the main IT stack, enabling them to offer fiber and new digital services to more of its customers. 

As part of the project, Infosys will act as a managing partner to synergise Proximus’ and its affiliate’s ecosystems, adopting an outcome-based model. 

Antonietta Mastroianni, Chief Digital & IT Officer at Proximus, said, “Our affiliates are an important part of Proximus’ multi-brand strategy. They have a fantastic reputation in Belgium when it comes to quality service at great prices. In order to ensure smooth operations and an enhanced portfolio of offerings to all our customers, it was crucial to achieve deeper integration in the Proximus IT stack.” 

out-tasking model

A complex transition, involving multiple vendors, applications in an evolving landscape meant that we needed new operating model and sourcing strategy that could anticipate and adapt to our requirements. Infosys as a managing partner for this venture with the out-tasking model enabled us to successfully complete the program on time and with great quality of delivery, Mastroianni added. 

The project spanned over 70 applications, multiple vendors, and was successfully completed in time and within budget. As a result, the affiliate’s technology stack was modernised to meet future demands, with accelerated time to market, and an increased portfolio of offerings.

The collaboration builds on Infosys’ existing 25-year relationship with Proximus to transform, develop and maintain Proximus’ IT applications, said the company. 

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