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ICICI Bank Revises FD Rates Effective 28 December 2023: Check Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for General Public, Senior Citizen, Tenor, and Other Details

The interest rates (annual percentage) effective from December 28, 2023, for a single deposit between Rs 2 Crores and less than Rs 5 Crores at ICICI Bank are outlined below:

In a recent move, ICICI Bank, a leading financial institution, has announced a revision in its Fixed Deposit (FD) rates. Effective from December 28, 2023, customers can anticipate changes in the interest rates concerning fixed deposits across various categories, encompassing the general public, senior citizens, tenor, and other associated aspects.

Key Updates on ICICI Bank’s Fixed Deposit Rates

Amidst ongoing financial fluctuations, ICICI Bank’s alteration in FD rates has garnered attention. For the general public, the revised interest rates are set to influence the returns on their fixed deposits. Similarly, senior citizens, known for their reliance on FDs for steady returns, will also witness alterations in their interest rates, shaping their investment strategies.

The alterations in FD rates pertain to the tenor chosen by customers. Whether opting for a short-term or long-term FD, the interest rates now differ, prompting individuals to reevaluate their investment plans. This move by ICICI Bank has prompted discussions among financial experts, debating its implications on investors’ portfolios.

Impact on Investors and the Financial Landscape

This revision in FD rates by ICICI Bank carries significant implications for investors. It prompts a reconsideration of investment decisions, potentially influencing financial portfolios. With changes in interest rates across various tenors, investors may need to reassess their risk tolerance and financial goals to align with these new rates.

Financial advisors are urging investors to review their investment strategies in light of these modifications. The alterations in FD rates could influence the balance between risk and returns, necessitating a proactive approach from investors to maintain their financial stability and goals.

Industry Observations and Future Projections

The banking sector remains vigilant amidst the economic climate, witnessing fluctuations and responding with adjustments to key financial products. ICICI Bank’s decision to revise its FD rates reflects a broader trend within the industry, where financial institutions adapt to economic shifts to remain competitive and sustainable.

Experts speculate that other financial institutions might follow suit and reevaluate their interest rates, creating a potential ripple effect in the banking sector. Investors and customers across various banks may encounter similar changes in FD rates, requiring a comprehensive understanding of the evolving financial landscape.


The revision in ICICI Bank’s FD rates, effective from December 28, 2023, underscores the dynamic nature of the financial industry. Investors and account holders are advised to stay informed and proactive in managing their investments to adapt to these changing rates effectively. As the banking sector continues to navigate economic shifts, vigilance and strategic financial planning remain imperative for investors to safeguard their financial interests.


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