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Hyundai Exter, hyundai exter mileage, long term review – Introduction -DellyRanks

Third report: The Exter continues its daily grind, snaking through the incessant metro construction.

In my last report on the Exter, I said I was impressed with its city manners but would like to see its highway performance. Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet. The Exter has continued its home-work-home grind, being ushered among hundreds of cars in peak traffic, and I have grown rather fond of it. Since Mumbai is gearing up for the metro, the roads are in shambles. Massive speed breakers to help the construction crew means the 185mm ground clearance is what I’m thanking every 2km. With parking becoming an issue courtesy of the metro work, the Exter’s compact dimensions make it easy to squeeze into tight parking spots.

Summer, too, has been harsher than ever, and the solid AC performance is a boon. Even at the lowest blower speed, there is enough to cool the cabin swiftly. The Exter gets two type-C ports at the front, along with a USB-A port and a wireless charger. It means that on my way to work, I can charge my phone, AirPods, and smartwatch and still have one free port. In the digital age, this is just perfect. The reversing camera has two viewing angles, which clearly show you that badly placed metro construction barrier you could have grazed. However, the downsides are something my friends noticed from the rear seat.

Multiple angles for rear camera are useful while parking.

A centre armrest for the rear would have added a lot more comfort, and despite the generous options for charging in the front, the rear doesn’t get a single port. While we surely appreciate the AC vents, a USB charging port would have been way more useful. 

No USB slots at the rear; only a power outlet.

Another improvement needed is the audio setup; the sound quality is far from good. What you experience in other Hyundais is a segment above. The bass is weak and cracks occasionally. The mids are barely noticeable, and the overall sound is weak. The speakers need a serious upgrade. Owners—especially those who spend long hours in traffic with music—are likely to make that modification. Efficiency was a sore point I had listed the last time. Since then, I have tried some tricks, such as upping the tyre pressure by a couple of PSI, which has helped. Of course, having a gentler foot on the accelerator also helps. Now, the Exter returns an improved 10.2kpl on average, which is still behind the Marutis. But given the fuel prices, I’ll take any incremental upgrade with a smile. The right headlight has shifted in its mount. As a result, the light throw is too short; we’ll have to get that addressed at the dealership. All in all, the Exter has been a reliable commuter, although I’m yet to test its boot and highway manners. I hope the monsoon arrives soon so that I can escape the city and the heat at the same time.

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