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How to Shed Kilos Ahead of Your Wedding Day? Make These Diet Changes

Everyone wants to look the best on their wedding day. Though losing weight is not a pre-wedding mandate, it certainly is a valid choice. If you still want to get in shape for the big day, all you have to do is make some changes in your diet. What? You are trying, but the digits on the weighing machine don’t seem to drop? Follow these tips to look all lean and gorgeous at your wedding:

Cut down on sugar

Sugar is just empty calories, and you would not want it in large quantities right before your wedding. Don’t do the mistake of substituting sugar with artificial sweeteners. Along with sugar, it is also advised that you go easy on salts. Excessive salt consumption can lead to water retention. A low-salt diet will flush out the extra water from the body, fueling in glow and sheen in the skin.

Healthy snacks

You are bound to do all the running around ahead of your wedding. That’s exactly why you need to keep some ready-to-go healthy snacks in your backpack. It could be a mixture of nuts, berries, and seeds.

Keep yourself hydrated

Wedding or not keeping yourself hydrated tops the list of your skincare regime. Enough water ensures that the body is hydrated and also keeps the metabolism high, a must for glowing skin. Drink lots of water, at least 2 litres a day. You can also consume coconut water, fruit juices, smoothies, green tea, lemon water, herb infused water in case you get bored of the regular water.

Say no to junk and processed foods

Eliminate packaged food and junk from your diet. Consume fresh fruits, green vegetables, and protein-rich food to keep you pumped up. With all the running around you will feel lethargic, healthy food items will ensure the energy level is high. Give up on processed and frozen foods as they come with preservatives and harmful chemicals. Loaded with calories, such food items will for sure lead to weight gain, so avoid them.

Control alcohol intake

Wedding calls for celebration and parties, but if you are focused on looking great keep the alcohol intake in check or if possible nil. We know it gets hard to restrain from drinking when your friends are in town, maybe limit it to a few drinks this week.

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