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Here’s Why Communicating Is Crucial In A Relationship

Communication plays a pivotal role in any relationship. If you hold yourself back from expressing your feelings to your partner, then the love that you have for each other might fade away. In order to strengthen your bond, you must feel comfortable communicating your feelings to your lover.

Doctor Nicole Lepera has shared some tips about ways to communicate your emotional needs in a relationship. An excerpt from the extensive caption of her Instagram post read – “It is important for us to practice learning how to communicate them (emotional needs) if we want to have healthy relationships.” Some of the relationship tips shared by Nicole are as follow:

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1. Let your partner know when you need space – It is absolutely fine to exercise your personal space in a relationship. Personal space is rather important for a healthy relationship. So make sure that you communicate it, along with other priorities, well to your partner.

2. Let your partner know when you need them – Sometimes, people go through separation anxiety in a relationship. In such situations, ensure that you make them feel wanted. Let them know that you are there for them, come what may.

3. Don’t let your ego continue an argument longer than it requires – Arguments, disagreements and fights are a part and parcel of a relationship. Don’t let your ego overpower your love for your partner during testing times in your relationship. At times, reassurance and a simple “I love you” can mend things in a jiffy.

4. Communicate your need to prioritize your hobby – Having hobbies and engaging in personal activities is important to grow individually in a relationship. You must convey this to your partner. Learn to take out some time for yourself whenever you can.

5. A fight can be overwhelming if you’re sensitive, say it out loud – Try to make your partner understand that your emotional sensitivity makes you feel overwhelmed at times. This can help them understand the intensity of your reaction to a fight.

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