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Here’s How You Can Create Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Romantic relationships–especially emotionally healthy ones–have the capacity to change your life for the better, research suggests. An emotionally healthy relationship signifies that intimacy is present amongst both participating individuals.

Intimacy is usually defined as the level of commitment and positive, affective, cognitive, and physical closeness one experiences with a partner in a reciprocal relationship. Studies suggest that it can help people have happy and positive experiences.

According to a study published in 2022 titled A hypothetic model for examining the relationship between happiness, forgiveness, emotional reactivity, and emotional security, happiness is a condition for many people to have a positive and beautiful life. The study stated that happy people have positive experiences and these positive experiences turn into personality traits.

In a similar vein, Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera, took to Instagram to share a few ways in which you can create emotionally healthy relationships in your life. Read them below.

Appreciation: For who they are, as opposed to what they do. Appreciating them for their personality traits and natural disposition could greatly help create emotionally healthy ones. Pay them a compliment every time they go the extra mile for you.

Open curiosity: Enthusiastic curiosity goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship. Regularly them about their day, their likes and dislikes, about their ambitions–helps signify your continued interest in them.

Simple connection: Intentionally making time to do things together is one of the most underrated forms of connection. Doing simple chores together, going on a short walk together, and grabbing an ice cream on the weekend, are all forms of simple connections.

Freedom to be self: The ability and freedom to remain true to yourself is extremely important in a relationship. It is not necessary that two people in a relationship should have a combined personality.

Energy awareness: Being acutely aware of their energy is also important for a healthy relationship. Being aware and considerate of your partner’s time is always a good idea.

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