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Here’s how much you will receive if you invest Rs 5000 for 5 years: Post Office RD

For those who want to build a substantial corpus through regular payments, RD and SIP are options.

There are many different ways to invest today. In contrast to others, who would only invest in choices that guarantee a return, others are willing to take some risk. Systematic investment plans and recurring deposits are two common methods used in India to accumulate wealth over time.

While RD is a savings plan that requires monthly contributions, SIP involves setting a predetermined amount for mutual fund investments at regular intervals.

Systematic Investment Plans and recurring deposits are both options for people who want to make regular payments and build a substantial fund.

The mutual fund type one picks as well as the condition of the market overall will influence the dangers implied with Tastes. However, these risks may be avoided by investing over a longer period of time, whereas recurring deposits are one of the safest investment options. In practice, there is no danger involved.

SIPs, like RDs, can be started with as little as Rs 500, which is common knowledge. The Taste, notwithstanding, offers a much better return.

A five-year investment typically returns approximately 5.7 percent. On the other hand, SIP gives you an average return of 12%, but if you’re lucky, you could get 15%, 18%, or even more. Compounding has additional advantages for you.

According to the Post Office RD Calculator (with monthly compounding frequency), the total return on your investment will be Rs 48,740 if you invest Rs 5,000 each month for five years. As a result, after five years, you will receive a total of Rs 3,48,740.

In the case of SIP, the typical return would be 12 percent. Your investment would have received a total return of 1,12,432 in light of this. You will therefore receive Rs. 4,12,432 five years later. This may be significantly more prominent if your SIP produces an arrival of 15% or more.


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