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Here’s all you need to know about the new Rs 100 coin.

Conveying the section of 100 rupees, it will be a commemortive coin with a 44 millimeter distance across and a standard load of 35 grams.

The central government will mint an extraordinary Rs 100 coin to on the event of the century year of the University of Delhi, the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Economic Affairs said in a newspaper notice gave on Friday (April 22).

The coin conveying the division of 100 Indian rupees will be authored at the mint. The coin will be round in shape with a measurement of 44 millimeter, a standard load of 35 grams, and convey 200 serrations on its edge (Rs 5 coin has 100 serrations).

The coin will be made out of 50% Silver, 40% Copper, 05% Nickel and 05 percent Zinc.

Design of the coin

One side of the coin will bear the Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar in the middle with the legend ‘Satyamev Jayate’ (in Hindi) recorded underneath. On the left of the legend will be the world ‘Bharat’ (in Devanagari content) and ‘India’ in English on the right. The coin will have the Rupee image of ‘₹’ and the denominational worth of ‘100’ written in the global numerals underneath the Lion Capitol seal, the notice said.

On the other or switch side, the logo of the University of Delhi will be seen alongside ‘Dilli Vishwavidyalaya ka Shatabdi Varsh’ (In Hindi in Devanagri script) on the upper end and “Century YEAR OF UNIVERSITY OF DELHI” in English engraved on the lower end. The coin will convey the year ‘2022’ engraved underneath the DU logo.


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