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Health Benefits Of Chikoo You Must Know

Chikoo, or Sapota, is rich in nutrients and is a powerhouse of Vitamin A, C and E. The fruit can help in keeping the stomach healthy. While eating Chikoo, most of us feel that its pulp is filled with fine sugar particles.

It is also believed that chikoo first came to India in the 19th century. Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bengal, and Tamil Nadu are the highest chikoo-producing states in India. India ranks eighth in the world in growing chikoo. It exports chikoo to countries like UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Singapore, etc.


Chikoo is a storehouse of minerals

After examining the minerals and vitamins found in Chikoo, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has reported that 100 grams of Chikoo comprise 83 kcal energy, protein 0.44 grams, total fat 1.10 grams, carbohydrates 19.9 grams, dietary fibre 10.9 grams, vitamin C 14.7 mg, sodium 12 mg, potassium 193 mg, calcium 21 mg, copper 0.086, Iron 0.80 mg, magnesium 12 mg, phosphorus 12 mg and zinc 0.10 mg.


In addition to being 71 per cent water, chikoo contains 14 per cent sugar. As a result, it is considered extremely beneficial for the body.

Gives instant energy

According to a well-known food expert and nutritionist, Nilanjana Singh, chikoo contains simple digestible sugars like fructose and sucrose. It is a natural source of sugar, which gives instant energy to the body. Chikoo can help strengthen the immune system and also combat toxins produced in the body. The minerals that are found in chikoo help strengthen the bones and reduce joint pain.

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