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Hanuman Jayanti 2022: Offer Prasad As Per Your Zodiac Sign To Get Success

Every year Chaitra Poornima is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Hanuman and this year it is going to be celebrated on April 16, as per the Hindu calendar.

As per the epic Ramayan, Lord Hanuman, Lord Hanuman is the son of King Kesari and Queen Anjana. He is also an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is also called Pawanputra and Anjaneya. Hanuman is revered as an ardent devotee of Lord Ram.

It is believed that praying to Hanuman gives you confidence and peace of mind. This year, on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti you should offer the prasad (bhog) to Bajrangbali as per your zodiac sign to get success in life.

Here are the steps you should follow on the Hanuman Jayanti for prosperity and success in life.

1. Sleep on the floor the night before your fast, and pray to Ram, Sita and Hanuman.

2. Take a shower and wear clean clothes.

4. Now, with water in hand, take Sankalp for the fast.

5. After the sankalp, sit close to the idol or picture of Lord Hanuman.

6. Face towards your east or north for praying.

7. Start praying to Lord Hanuman by chanting the Hanuman Chalisa

8. Worship him following all the rituals of Shodash upachar (the 16 rites).

After the prayers are chanted, offer prasad to the god as per your zodiac sign. The following are a list of the kinds of prasad that you can offer.

Aries: Those belonging to this zodiac sign should offer gram flour (Besan) laddus to Lord Hanuman.

Taurus: Taurians should offer basil seeds on Hanuman Jayanti.

Gemini: People belonging to this zodiac sign should offer Tulsi leaves while worshipping the deity.

Cancer: Cancerians can offer besan halwa made in cow ghee.

Leo: Those with this sign should offer Jalebi on this Hanuman Jayanti.

Virgo: Those belonging to this zodiac sign should offer silver extract to the Lord.

Libra: People of Libra zodiac sign should offer Motichur laddus.

Scorpio: Those of Scorpio zodiac sign should offer besan laddus made in cow ghee.

Sagittarius: On Hanuman Jayanti, offering laddus and basil leaves will be good for those who belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Capricorn: If you belong to this sign you should offer Motichoor laddus.

Kumbh: Those belonging to Kumbh Zodiac sign should offer a vermilion coloured cloth and laddus on this Hanuman Jayanti,

Pisces: Those of Pisces zodiac sign should offer cloves to Pawanputra on Hanuman Jayanti.

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