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Google Nearby Share gets a touch of Material You

Google announced a recent change to its Nearby Share feature with a touch of Material You user interface (UI).

Google now infuses Material You interface into the main sheet users interact with.

Redesigned Google Nearby Share
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When one conducts Google Nearby Shares, a sheet slides up that processes “Looking for nearby devices.” Earlier, Google used a left-to-right wave to note the finding, but now Nearby Share redesign will bring up various Material You shapes that expand and fade-out behind the profile avatar.

The recent redesign of Google Nearby Share, received a slightly larger and centred panel text, and the Nearby Share icon appears at the top. Google also tweaked the share previews to be larger and combined them in a card with icons. In addition, Google Nearby Share changes also enables image previews.

Google Nearby Share changes will probably go live along with a server update with the latest version of Google Play services.

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