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Gaurav Khanna Says He Was ‘Apprehensive’ Before Joining Anupamaa As Anuj Kapadia; Here’s Why

Ever since Gaurav Khanna entered Rajan Shahi’s popular show Anupamaa as Anuj Kapadia, he has become everyone’s favourite. The actor has become a household name and his character is widely loved by the audience. However, do you know that Gaurav Khanna was a little ‘apprehensive’ before joining the show midway?

In a recent interview, Gaurav Khanna revealed that he was anxious or nervous before joining Anupamaa as Anuj Kapadia. This is because he was joining the show midway and prior to his entry, the focus was only on Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey.

“When I was chosen for Anupama, I was apprehensive because I was joining a show midway and I’ve always preferred to work in a show from the beginning. But since it was a talented ensemble cast, I agreed. I had no idea how Anuj would be received by audiences and did not know whether my character would come this far. It is my experience of working in this medium that helped me bag this role,” Gaurav Khanna told The Times of India.

Apart from this, Gaurav Khanna was also asked if his character, Anuj Kapadia is too good to be true. To this, the actor mentioned that the show is about hope. He further explained that while people have seen action-oriented male lead in the shows, Anuj Kapadia offers them something else – somebody who is mature and respects women.

“In the past, TV has seen male leads mostly being angry or action-oriented or following a set pattern, but here, I feel my character is quite relatable. Yes, he seems to be very patient, but after a long time, audiences have seen a mature, emotionally stable, well-read and well-spoken guy, who respects women,” Gaurav Khanna added.

On being asked if he is similar to Anuj Kapadia in real life, Gaurav Khanna said, “Yes, quite a bit. I come from a corporate background, I’m well-read, I’ve grown up around a lot of women in my family and I respect women. And just like in the show, how Anuj listens to his companion, I, too, listen to my wife Akanksha (Chamola) at home.”

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