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From Ajay Devgn To Shah Rukh Khan: Why Sunny Deol Is Miffed With These Stars

Let’s take a look at these actors.

Did you know Sunny Deol doesn’t get along with these five superstars in the industry?

Sunny Deol, who made his Bollywood debut in the year 1983 with the film Betaab, has been successful in creating a place for himself in showbiz. In a career spanning 40 years, he has proven himself with his acting skills. That is the reason he is still active in the industry. Soon his most-awaited film Gadar 2 is also ready to release. Did you know Sunny Deol doesn’t get along with five superstars in the industry? Let’s take a look at these actors.

Ajay Devgn: Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn is a very calm person, and he stays away from any kind of controversy. But how did he get into trouble with Sunny? According to the reports, there was a rift between the two during the shooting of the film, The Legend of Bhagat Singh in 2002. This film was released with Sunny Deol’s film 23 March 1931: Shaheed at the box office. Ajay’s movie overshadowed his film, and this created a clash between the two actors.

Aamir Khan: It is said that the cold war between Aamir Khan and Sunny Deol started 32 years ago. The reason behind this was also related to the box office clash. In the year 1990, Sunny Deol’s Ghayal and Aamir Khan’s Dil were simultaneously released at the box office. According to the reports, before the film’s release, Aamir had requested Sunny Deol to extend the release date of Ghayal, but this could not happen. Since then, the two have not been on good terms. It is also said that these stars do not even see eye-to-eye.

Shah Rukh Khan: During the shooting of the film Darr, Sunny Deol was seen as the lead hero in it and Shah Rukh Khan was seen playing a negative role. But after its release, only SRK was praised everywhere. The audience thought of Shah Rukh Khan’s character as the lead. Even today, if there’s a discussion about this film, only SRK’s name comes up in people’s minds. As per reports, Sunny was angry with Shah Rukh Khan for this reason.

Anil Kapoor: The dispute between Sunny Deol and Anil Kapoor happened when the film Joshilaay got released. According to media reports, during the release of this film, when Anil’s name appeared instead of his in the credits, Sunny Deol got very upset. It is said that Sunny took revenge for this, in the film Ram Avatar. As per reports, Sunny and Anil had to shoot a fight scene together in this film. During the shoot, Sunny angrily started strangling Anil and then the people around them had to come to Anil Kapoor’s rescue. After this incident, both the actors never faced each other.

Akshay Kumar: Bollywood superstars Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar worked together on a film. Raveena Tandon was the reason for the fight between the two. According to reports, Raveena Tandon told Sunny Deol that Akshay Kumar cheated on her. After hearing this, Sunny was very angry and fought with Akshay. Neither Akshay nor Sunny ever spoke about this matter.

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