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Food Items You Must Avoid if You Have High Blood Pressure

Due to excessive stress and tension, the problem of hypertension has been growing rapidly. Almost everyone around us is having the problem of high blood pressure. The main reason behind high BP is often poor lifestyle and bad eating habits. The effect of our diet is very high on our blood pressure. Our diet works to increase or decrease the pressure of the blood on the walls of our blood vessels.

If hypertension is not controlled on time, it can lead to stroke and other heart diseases. Too much salt, saturated fat, and some sweet things in diet can also lead to high BP. According to Healthline, if you take care of certain things, then you can easily cure the problem of high BP.

Let’s take a look at what things a high BP patient should avoid:

Salt or sodium-rich food

Patients with hypertension should avoid salty food items. Salty food could prove to be the biggest reason behind your high BP. Let’s say that a teaspoon of salt contains 40 per cent sodium. In such a situation, it is advised not to consume more than one teaspoon of salt in a day. Avoid consuming pickles, chips, packaged snacks, etc.

Sweet things

Sweetness not only increases weight but also leads to high BP. According to a Heart Organization report, women should not consume more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day while men should not consume more than 9 teaspoons of sugar.

Trans fat and saturated fat

People facing the problem of high BP should avoid trans and saturated fat. With the consumption of trans and saturated fat, bad cholesterol increases and good cholesterol decreases. This leads to high BP and the situation can also be out of control.

You should avoid consuming processed food and pre-prepared food items. Apart from this, avoid full cream milk, meat, chicken skin, and butter. Stay away from canned soups, frozen pizzas, etc.

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