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Feeling Sleep-Deprived After Welcoming a Newborn? Follow These Tips to Get Rest

Have you given birth to a baby recently? Or are you expecting to deliver a baby soon? Welcoming a new baby can be overwhelming and gives you new hopes and lights in life.

However, managing a baby is not a piece of cake. You’ll have to be vigilant all the time to see what they are doing, feed them frequently, and manage their odd sleep timings. In this process, you might not get enough sleep which can make you feel irritated, tired and sleep-deprived. However, if both the partners take equal initiative then they can get enough sleep and rest with these simple tips.

  1. Take turns
    Parenting is a two-person job. As mothers need to breastfeed the baby, they tend to be more cautious of the child, but fathers need to be equally responsible too. Take turns to take care of the baby. When the mother is feeding the child, you take rest and when she is free, the father should take care of the baby and let the mother sleep.
  2. Nap when baby naps
    Sleep when the baby is sleeping is the key to getting some quality sleep. Do not think of doing the chores after the baby sleeps, but try to take a rest.
  3. Try to build a routine
    While there is no way a kid can sleep or eat as you wish, you can try to build a routine of feeding, playing and sleeping by the baby at a particular time every day. Also, place them in the cot at a fixed time. With time, the child will also adapt to the routine.
  4. Ask for help
    There is no shyness in asking for help from a family member. Whenever you feel tired, call your family and friends and ask them to take care of the baby for some time so that you can rest.
  5. Say no to guests
    When you have just given birth, there’ll be multiple visitors who would like to meet the baby. However, you should be comfortable enough to say no to them for at least one month. It’ll not only give you enough time to get used to handling the baby and home but also will prevent the newborn from getting infected before vaccination.

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