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EPF members can easily withdraw balance for marriage, keep this condition in mind: EPFO

The Provident Fund is a savings program based on contributions in which both the employer and the employee contribute to the creation of a financial reserve for post-retirement needs.

Privately employed individuals can save using a Provident Fund Account. The public is helped by the money in this fund during difficult times. Each year, the government earns interest on a portion of the basic wage that salaried people deposit in the PF fund.

The interest rate for the upcoming fiscal year was set by the government at 8.1%. Your PF account’s funds can be quickly withdrawn whenever you need them. EPFO members can get a marriage advance out of the fund.

In case of marriage, withdrawal is possible. The most recent PF withdrawal regulations also allow account holders to take money out of the PF account of an employee to pay for wedding-related expenses.

The person in question or the account holder’s son, daughter, brother, or sister must be the bride and groom. However, this provision cannot be used until seven years have passed without PF contributions.

How much money can be taken out?
The most important question is how much money employees can take out of their PF accounts. EPFO says that members can take out half of the money they put in, including interest.

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However, must have a seven-year membership in the provident fund as the criterion for this. Additionally, advance withdrawals for marriage and education are restricted to three times each. When you are at home, you can easily withdraw your PF funds. You can only withdraw money online after 72 hours, according to the EPFO.

TDS on PF withdrawals
The government announced in the Union Budget for the fiscal year 2023–2024 that the TDS on EPF withdrawals would be decreased from 30% to 20%. This notice will be beneficial to some account holders whose PAN card has not been updated in their PF account. Prior to now, on the off chance that somebody’s PAN card isn’t refreshed in that frame of mind of EPFO, then they should pay TDS at the pace of 30% on withdrawal of cash, yet presently rather they should pay 20% TDS. Explain that any money withdrawn from a PF account within five years is subject to TDS.


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