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Dry Nose? Use These Home Remedies To Get Rid of It

In summers the nose suddenly starts itching. There is a feeling of dryness inside and it sometimes also causes sneezing. These are among the common problems of the summer season. The problem of a dry nose occurs when the internal nasal passage becomes dry. It also happens when there is inadequate production of the mucus, leading to a feeling of discomfort in the nostrils and sinuses.

The nose is an important part of our body and through it, we breathe and smell. The nose prevents dust and dirt and small particles of soil, and allergic pollens from entering the body. But due to a dry nose, there may be trouble breathing. Hence, it is important to take proper care of the nose. If you have the problem of a dry nose, you can overcome it with some home remedies.

Petroleum Jelly: Use your fingers to apply a very small dab of petroleum jelly to the lining inside the nose. It keeps the nose moisturised.

Steam: Common home facial treatment is steam. It also helps relieve a dry nose. The easiest way to get rid of a dry nose is to inhale steam at regular intervals. This soothing remedy softens the dried mucus in the nasal passages.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil moisturises the skin and fills the gaps between the dry cells. Applying it to the nostrils helps to prevent dryness and reduce pain.

Saline spray: Saline or saltwater is a simple home remedy for a dry nose, and it can be easily prepared at home. The saltwater acts as a humidifier and keeps the nasal lining hydrated. It helps in clearing out mucus and irritants in the nasal passage.

Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E oil helps increase the hydration of the skin and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties of Vitamin E oil help hydrate the muscles of the nasal passage, relieve dryness and accelerate the healing process of the nasal passages.

Drying out of the internal nasal passages leads to a dry nose. Seasonal changes, dehydration, and other environmental stressors contribute to the condition. A dry nose may cause difficulty in vision and trouble breathing. Use the home remedies mentioned above with a high-protein diet to battle the infection and tackle a dry nose.

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