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Didn’t even Have Money for Meals’: Actor Santosh Juvekar on Kitchen Kallakar

The journey of Marathi actor Santosh Juvekar, who has worked in films Zenda, Pratibimb, Shaala and Rege, was not as easy as it appears. In the latest episode of Zee Marathi’s Kitchen Kallakar, Santosh shared his old memories of days of struggle.

The video of the show’s promo, shared by Zee Marathi’s official Instagram account, is going viral on social media. In the video, the caption reads, “संतोषला स्ट्रगलच्या काळात एका थाळीने दिली होती साथ मस्त मजेदार,किचन कल्लाकार’ बुध- गुरु, रात्री ९. ३० वा.”

In the short promo video, Sankarshan Karhade brings a thali in front of Santosh asks what he remembers while seeing the food present in the thali.

Santosh replies “When I started my career, I didn’t even have the money for meals. But who will give food every day? So, There is a handcart outside Khar station, where you can get a thali for 20 rupees. It consisted of three chapatis, potato vegetable, rice, lemon curry, pickle, chilli and onion.”

“But this is a very close thing to me,” he said.

Hearing Santosh’s struggle, Prashant Damle and Sangharshan Karhade and other actors, including the audience, got emotional. Apart from this, the video is receiving lots of love and praise for Santosh. The promo video is going viral and has received more than 40,000 views by far.

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