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Colors Tamil’s Perazhagi 2 Serial Reaches 50-episode Mark –

Perazhagi 2 is directed by Shivaram Magadi.

Actress Vijayalakshmi is making her television debut as Nakshatra in Perazhagi 2.

Tamil serial Perazhagi 2 crossed 50 episodes on Tuesday. Perazhagi 2, which premiered on July 3, is broadcast on weekdays, Monday through Friday, at 8:30 PM. The series is directed by Shivaram Magadi. As the Colors Tamil serial Perazhagi 2, featuring actors Jagan and Vijayalakshmi, marked its 50-episode milestone, congratulations have been pouring in for the cast and crew.

Vijayalakshmi, originally from Kolar, is making her television debut as Nakshatra in this serial, while Jagan is returning to the small screen after his role in Seetha Vallabhbhai. The storyline revolves around a woman facing discrimination as she strives to become a news anchor due to her skin colour.

Jagan stated, “This is my second television project, following Raksha Bandana. When I step into the role of a creative producer, my focus is on deeply engaging the audience with the storyline. As an actor, my main duty is to immerse myself in my character. The real challenge in this project lies in managing the entire team.”

Perazhagi 2 follows the story of two girls, Nakshatra (played by Vijayalakshmi) and Shweta (portrayed by Sugruta Nag), who were left at a hospital 23 years ago by a doctor. Nakshatra, rejected by her mother, faces doubt from her father, who questions her paternity due to their dissimilar skin tones. Despite these adversities, Nakshatra maintains an optimistic spirit and harbours ambitions of becoming a TV host. However, her journey to fulfil this dream is riddled with challenges linked to her skin colour.

In the show, Nak Shatra works as a female voice-over artist for Shweta. Simultaneously, Shakuntala Devi’s son, Bhupathi (portrayed by Jagannath C), is the proprietor of MPR Foods. Interestingly, he conceals his true identity while residing as a paying guest in Nak Shatra’s house.

Bhupathi falls in love with Shweta’s TV voice, not realising it’s Nak Shatra’s. Amidst a storyline filled with surprises, Bhupathi ends up loving Nakshatra, accepting her despite her skin colour. Meanwhile, Nakshatra and Shweta reunite with their birth parents.

Watch it all in Perazhagi 2 on Colors Tamil TV, airing Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM.

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