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CBDT Extends Due Date for Filing Form 10B/10BB ITR-7: Taxpayers Get Breathing Room

The CBDT circular has released a notification granting an extension for the submission of Form 10B/10BB and ITR-7 until the specified date.

In a significant development for taxpayers, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has announced an extension of the due date for filing Form 10B and 10BB ITR-7. This decision comes as a relief to many individuals and businesses who were grappling with the previous deadline. Let’s delve into the details of this crucial update that impacts the income tax filing landscape.

New Deadline Extension

The CBDT, which is the apex body for the administration of direct taxes in India, has heeded the concerns of taxpayers and extended the due date for filing Form 10B and 10BB ITR-7. The new deadline is set to provide taxpayers with additional time to compile their financial documents and ensure a hassle-free filing process. This extension is especially beneficial for those individuals and entities who require more time to accurately report their income and expenses.

The primary focus of this news article revolves around the extension of the due date for filing income tax returns. An extension like this can have a significant impact on taxpayers, allowing them to avoid penalties and file their returns more efficiently.

Why the Extension Matters

The extension of the due date holds immense importance for taxpayers for several reasons. Firstly, it eases the pressure on individuals and businesses, giving them ample time to gather all the necessary financial information and documentation. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of errors in the filing process.

Secondly, an extended due date helps taxpayers avoid the imposition of penalties and interest on delayed filings. This financial relief can be substantial, especially for small businesses and individuals with limited resources.

CBDT’s Consideration

The CBDT’s decision to extend the due date demonstrates its commitment to facilitating a smoother and more taxpayer-friendly process. By acknowledging the challenges faced by taxpayers, the CBDT is working towards a fair and efficient taxation system.

How to Make the Most of the Extension

Taxpayers can make the most of this extension by following a few essential steps. Firstly, ensure that all financial records are up to date and accurate. Double-check income sources, deductions, and exemptions to avoid discrepancies in your tax return.

Secondly, take advantage of online filing options and e-filing platforms provided by the Income Tax Department. These platforms are designed to simplify the tax filing process and reduce the chances of errors.


In conclusion, the CBDT’s decision to extend the due date for filing Form 10B and 10BB ITR-7 is a welcome relief for taxpayers. This extension provides individuals and businesses with the necessary breathing room to file their income tax returns accurately and on time. To make the most of this opportunity, taxpayers should ensure their financial records are in order and utilize online filing options. By doing so, they can navigate the tax filing process with ease and avoid penalties.

This extension underscores the CBDT’s commitment to a fair and efficient taxation system, ultimately benefiting taxpayers across the nation.


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