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BTS: Suga Breaks Down on Stage During Snooze Performance, Did He Hint At Military Enlistment? Watch –

Curated By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: August 06, 2023, 18:32 IST

BTS member Suga breaks down during his final D-Day concert.

BTS member Suga wept while performing Snooze at his final D-Day concert in Seoul. Watch video.

BTS member Suga broke down at his final “D-DAY” concert in Seoul on Sunday. The rapper, formally known as Min Yoongi, treated fans to a power-packed concert to conclude his successful international tour. While fans had numerous celebratory moments, no one was ready to weep with Suga when he took to stage to perform Snooze. The rapper performed the track towards the end, preparing to close the show.

In the videos surfacing on Twitter, Suga couldn’t help but cry while singing the lines of the song. Fans joined him to sing the song and even sang the chorus line, “Everything will be okay.” The videos of the performance are now going viral. Watch it below:

Many BTS fans took extended their support to Yoongi, showering him with love. While fans were still recovering from the emotional performance, Min Yoongi followed the concert with a Weverse Live and opened up about the performance. As translated by Twitter user @ryuminating, Yoongi said, “I really am not the type to cry, but starting from Snooze, I felt it. The members were there and my sunbaenims came too. Before, I had dreams while watching many sunbaenims and now I have become someone’s sunbae. And those 10 years flew past me. And that’s when the tears came.”

Apart from reflecting upon the past few months of his tour, Yoongi also hinted that this was his last night on stage and will probably reunite with BTS in 2025 for his comeback concert. “If I say “soon”, that feels like a lie. So let’s see each other again in 2025. All right? Please wait a bit. 2025, let’s see each other then. You did great. Bye!” he said while concluding his concert.

Fans are preparing themselves for his military enlistment announcement.

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