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BTS: Kim Taehyung, Jungkook Drop Most Expensive Artist-Made Merch; Kim Namjoon Offers Affordable Goodies

Last month BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook launched self-curated merchandise as part of the Artist-Made Collection by BTS. Each member curated two products and presented their merchandise in stand-alone, special videos while their fellow members doubled up as models.

Following the launch of their respective merch, they individually featured in a behind-the-scenes video explaining the reason they launched the particular product, the idea behind the design, and more. Unfortunately, as soon as the digital doors opened for sale, every product was out of stock.

A look at all the merchandise BTS released as part of the Artist-Made collection. (Pic: HYBE Merch, Twitter)

While we hope for the stock to be replenished soon, we sat down to look at our bank accounts and figure out which products we can truly afford (broke ARMYs assemble). The BTS members have presented a variety of products as part of the Artist-Made Collection which come with different price tags.

The most expensive price tag has been attached to Kim Taehyung’s Mute Boston Bag. Priced at USD 153.28, the stylish bag was in such demand that a few lucky people who managed to find their hands on one of these pieces were auctioning them at a much higher price on eBay. One bid surpassed USD 153.28 before it was taken down from the site.

If Taehyung offered the costliest merch, his fellow maknae, Jeon Jungkook wasn’t far behind. The Golden Maknae launched the Mikrokomos Mood Lamp, which features a purple light with small BTS logos flashing from it. He priced that at $143.99. The third costliest item in the Artist-Made Collection by BTS is Jungkook’s ARMYST hoodie. Priced at $125.41, the hoodie comes in four colours — mustard, white, pink and black.

Hobi’s Side by Side Mini Bag was the fourth costliest item on the list, selling at USD 116.12 per piece whereas Seokjin’s Good Day-Bad Day pajamas rounds of the top 5 costliest items of the Artist-Made Collection by BTS with a price tag of USD 110.55.

The expensive price tag on Jin’s pajamas not only shocked the ARMY but Seokjin too. The singer confessed he wasn’t anticipating the clothes to be this expensive. “Though I did ask them to use a good material for the pajamas at what kind of price… I was surprised as well,” he said on Weverse.

On the other hand, though he offered the most expensive product on the list, TaeTae also offered the cheapest merch in the collection. He presented a brooch set consisting of faces and clouds. He priced them at USD 32.51 respectively. He also offered a flowers buddies brooch set at USD 41.80. Kim Namjoon followed him with his adorable fish-shaped (Bungeo-Ppang) Wind Chime, priced at USD 45.52 and Hoseok’s Hope Pot Set followed at a cost of USD 54.81. Suga’s Black Note & Cover Set followed thereafter with a price tag of USD 64.10. Park Jimin also joined in to offer his Red Carving Earrings at USD 69.67.

Here’s a breakdown of each product that BTS members introduced under Artist-Made Collection by BTS along with the price:

BTS members launched merchandise as part of their Artist-Made Collection.
BTS members’ Artist-Made Collection featured an array of products.
The Bangtan Boys designed them keeping the ARMY in mind.

BTS has been on a break since December. While Big Hit Music had confirmed that BTS will release an album soon, the members are yet to announce their comeback date.

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