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BTS: Jimin FINALLY Reveals Secret of His Fresh Face During His International Trips; Find Out Here

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: April 10, 2023, 22:09 IST

BTS singer Jimin spills the beans on his skin care.

In a new video for Vogue, BTS singer Jimin gave fans a look at what his day at work looks like. The singer shot the video in the US.

Hey, members of the ARMY, prepare to get your hearts melted once again. Vogue just spent the day with none other than the charming and talented Jimin of the iconic K-pop boyband BTS in the ever-vibrant New York City. As he prepared to slay his performance on the iconic The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimin took Vogue on a ride along, giving the viewers a glimpse of his life on the road.

From exploring local record shops to rehearsing in Times Square, Jimin talks candidly about his highly anticipated solo album, FACE. He opened up about the challenges of performing without his beloved BTS bandmates and the unique experience of showcasing his individuality as a solo artist. As members of the ARMY watch one of the biggest stars in the world, they can also prepare to get a glimpse into what makes Jimin the beloved and iconic artist he is today.

Baby Mochi, as ARMYs lovingly call the vocalist, is known for his ability to tease his fans by just giving enough information. When asked, “When you’re alone in your hotel room or on your way back, what do you wear?” Jimin’s response was quite simple: “If you’re curious about that… come over to my house.”

However, he did give some inside details about how he always looks fresh on the road. After giving fans a glimpse of his hotel room, the vocalist revealed his secret to staying fresh on the road— sheet masks. Holding up a single pack of his favorite sheet masks with a smile, Jimin made it clear that this wasn’t product placement, but rather his own personal purchase. According to Jimin, he always brings sheet masks with him when he travels because hotel rooms can be harsh on the skin, causing dryness. To ensure his skin stays protected, he makes it a point to use a sheet mask before going to bed.

There was one thing the BTS star never forgets: to thank the fans who helped him reach his level of stardom. “The place I am shooting at tomorrow… right around that location is where I first performed in the U.S. for twenty to thirty thousand people. ARMY is the name of our BTS fanbase. ARMY would translate all our songs in English for us and keep sending them to America,” he said. “Then, thanks, to our American fans, we could get played on the radio. That’s how I was able to come here.”

It goes without saying that in the exclusive Vogue feature, Jimin’s passion, determination, and undeniable star quality shine through.

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