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Bigg Boss 16: Soundarya Sharma Bursts Into Tears After Salman Khan Exposes Gautam Vig; Watch Video

Bigg Boss 16 contestants Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig’s closeness on the show has become the major talk of the town, leaving viewers to wonder if something is cooking between the two. The duo has been each other’s support system in the game of survival, at least that is what Soundarya Sharma assumed to be true. In the upcoming episode of the show, host Salman Khan will be seen showing Soundarya a bitter reality about Gautam. The new promo video shared by the show sees the host exposing Gautam’s truth when he failed to defend Soundarya behind her back.

Salman Khan plays a video of a conversation that occurred when Gautam sat with other customers poking fun at Soundarya and calling her names. The host tells Soundarya in Hindi, “I want to show you something.” Then footage of the conversation is played in front of her prompting Salman Khan to say, “The person you were defending did not stand up for you.” In the later half of the video, Soundarya is seen moving to tears as she confronts Gautam, her close confidante about the conversation.


Crying inconsolably, Soundarya screams, “Your friends were making fun of me in front of you.” Gautam tries to explain to her his neutral stance on the conversation, “But I didn’t say anything.” This doesn’t stick down well with Soundarya who lashes out at him explaining that Gautam should have stopped them. “But you should have said something Gautam. Had my father been there, he would have slapped them. Meri izzat to rakh dete (you should have fought for my honour),” she yells before hiding her face in the pillow to sob. Gautam who is unable to handle Soundarya’s emotional outburst stands silently as the promo comes to an end. Watch the video here:

This comes just a day after, contestant Shalin Bhanot was schooled by the host for his excessive demand for chicken. The superstar asked Bhanot to shift his focus on winning the Bigg Boss trophy instead of chicken, calling it ‘bloody irritating.’

This season audiences have been suspecting two love angles building up on the show, one seemingly between Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig and the other between Tina Dutta and Shalin Bhanot. It is important to note, that the pairs haven’t openly professed their feelings.

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