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Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Vig Reacts To Sumbul’s Father’s Comment On Tina, Says ‘He Got Carried Away’

Last Updated: November 24, 2022, 14:35 IST

Gautam Vig hopes Sumbul’s father will be careful with his words in future.

Gautam Vig says one should not defame anybody’s child on national television as he reacts to Sumbul Touqeer’s father’s comment on Tina Datta.

Gautam Vig has reacted to Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s father’s comments on Tina Datta. In a recent interview, the Naamkaran actor shared that one should not defame anybody’s child on national television and shared that Sumbul’s father got ‘carried away’ while speaking to his daughter in a recent episode of Bigg Boss 16. Gautam also hoped that Touqeer Khan will be responsible for his words in the future.

“You can tell your kids whatever you want but to belittle or defame someone else’s children on national television isn’t right…I saw Tina’s mom’s interview and she is also right in what she stated…I think Sumbul’s father got carried away with emotions but I’m sure he’ll be more responsible with his public statements in future…and Sumbul is a strong player…she’s a nice girl),” Gautam said in Hindi as quoted by India.com.

For the unversed, the war of words started after Tina Datta accused Sumbul Touqeer Khan of being obsessed with Shalin Bhanot following which Imlie actress’ father spoke to his daughter via a telephonic call and asked her to stay away from Tina and Shalin. During their conversation, Sumbul’s father went on to address Tina as ‘kamini’. Later, Tina’s mother issued a video statement condemning derogatory words used by Sumbul’s father.

“Since I didn’t get a chance like other contestants’ parents to speak to my child, that is why I want to talk to you today. To abuse my daughter on national television and her dad has said to kick off her face – what kind of language is this? Who gave him the right to say such things? Who are you to abuse my daughter? If your daughter is going wrong, does it mean that you will abuse my daughter? Is it parents’ work?” she had said.

Sumbul’s father also reacted to Tina’s mother’s video statement and reminded her of what all her daughter has said so far against Sumbul. He also urged Tina’s mother to apologise to him on behalf of her daughter.

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