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Bigg Boss 16 Day 48 Highlights: Shalin Bhanot Decides To Take Voluntary Exit, Agrees To Pay Rs 5.4 Cr As Penalty

Last Updated: November 18, 2022, 23:16 IST

Shalin Bhanot says he fears for his life inside Bigg Boss 16 house.

Shalin Bhanot has informed Bigg Boss that he feels unsafe in the show and therefore he wishes to take a voluntary exit.

In a big development, Shalin Bhanot has decided to take a voluntary exit from Bigg Boss 16. During Friday’s episode, the actor was called inside the confession room along with Tina Datta and MC Stan. While Bigg Boss explained that both, Stan and Shalin were wrong in the massive argument between the two, the Do Hanso Ka Joda actor refused to listen and shared that he wants to take a voluntary exit from the show.

Shalin told Bigg Boss that he feels unsafe and insecure inside the reality show. He then announced that he wishes to voluntarily exit the show. Following this, Bigg Boss reminded the actor of the complications and penalty which will be imposed due to voluntary exit. However, Shalin assured that the financial penalty of Rs 5.4 crore will be made. “Will take care of penalty,” he said. However, Shalin is still in the Bigg Boss house since a final decision will be taken by Salman Khan on Saturday.

Week 8 
Captain Sajid Khan
Nominations Soundarya Sharma, Gautam Vig, Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot
Tasks None
Twists Shalin announces voluntary exit

Later in the episode, Priyanka Choudhary enquired Shalin about the details of the discussion which took place inside the confession room. While Shalin refused to share any detail, Bigg Boss himself announced that the actor has decided to take a voluntary exit.

For the unversed, Shalin Bhanot recently got into a massive fight with MC Stan inside the house. It all started after Stan asked Shalin not to touch Tina Datta’s feet while her leg was hurt. However, the Do Hanso Ka Joda actor asked Stan not to interfere. The two hurled abuses at each other and went on to make some personal comments as well. The argument escalated to a level where other housemates had to jump in to prevent Stan and Shalin from physically hurting each other. However, later, Tina also took a stand for MC Stan when she stated that the rapper was only concerned for her.

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