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Besotted Shah Rukh Khan Fan Asked Dilip Tahil Why He Hit Him In Baazigar: ‘You Are The Bad Guy…’ –

Baazigar was released in 1993.

Dalip Tahil said that seeing their someone play a villain in a film can have a deep impact on vulnerable people.

Dalip Tahil is known for playing many villains in Hindi cinema, including the Madan Chopra in Shah Rukh Khan’s Baazigar. Recently, the veteran actor recalled an incident when an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan approached him, and associating him with his character, asked why he beat up Shah Rukh so badly in the film. Dalip said that seeing someone play a villain on screen has a deep impact on people’s minds.

Dalip appeared as a guest on the Untriggered with Aminjaz podcast, where he was asked if being mistaken for a bad guy after playing a villain in a film is a compliment or not. Dalip replied, “It’s sort of strange because it is a compliment that they actually don’t like you because the audience associates you with the character. I did it so well that so and so hates my guts. And it happened to me.”

He said, “At Heathrow Airport in London, I was just about to go to the boarding place and this girl came to me and she said, ‘Why did you beat Shah Rukh Khan so much? Why did you?’ She was clearly and totally besotted with Shah Rukh. And the way she said it to me, I began to feel really terrible.”

“So I said, ‘Well, he hit me as well.’ She said, ‘That doesn’t matter. You’re the bad guy. He’s going to hit you. But why did you do this to him?’ I mean, it has a deep impact on people’s minds, particularly people who are vulnerable,” he added.

Baazigar was released in 1993 with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol headlining the film. It is touted by many as one of Shah Rukh Khan’s best performances.

Shah Rukh Khan is currently celebrating the record-breaking success of his latest release Jawan. The Atlee directorial was released in cinemas on Thursday and has been receiving glorious reviews from the audience. The film also features Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi in prominent roles.

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