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‘At Times, My Emotions Intensified Due To Hormones’: Debina Bonnnerjee On Postpartum Weight Loss –

She is currently enjoying a Dubai trip with her husband and daughters.

Debina Bonnnerjee is married to Gurmeet Choudhary and they have two daughters, Lianna and Divisha Choudhary.

Actress Debina Bonnerjee has been actively creating vlogs, documenting her pregnancy, postpartum experiences and her daughter’s growth. Recently, she used her vlog to discuss her weight loss diet and the hormonal shifts following her pregnancy.

Debina said, “I’m relieved to see the stubborn inches starting to decrease. Once the decline begins, progress keeps rolling. I’m sticking to a diet and workout plan. Many have inquired about my diet, but this time I’m not opting for any trendy diets. Previously, I tried Keto and maintained a weight of 55 kg for a considerable duration.”

“Similarly, prior to this pregnancy, I had considered pursuing the Keto diet for weight loss. Nonetheless, post-pregnancy, numerous hormonal shifts occur. The body undergoes extensive changes, and diets like Keto, which eliminates carb intake, might not be suitable. At this phase in my life, I aimed for a diet that would harmonise my hormones without exacerbating the situation,” she added.

“Occasionally, my emotions would intensify without apparent cause due to hormonal fluctuations, and I couldn’t even recognise myself. On certain days, I’d be bursting with energy, managing all household tasks, while on others, I’d feel profoundly fatigued and unproductive. That’s when I came to realise the impact of hormones on both the mind and body,” she further said.

Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary are enchanting fans once more, offering glimpses of their delightful overseas excursion with their daughters, Lianna and Divisha Choudhary. The couple, known for sharing heartwarming family moments, is now showcasing their first international trip as a family of four. Debina took to social media to share a captivating series of photos from their vacation in Dubai.

The shared photos capture Debina’s natural grace in a denim co-ord set, beautifully harmonising with Gurmeet’s sharp white attire and sleek black sunglasses. Lianna and Divisha shine in coordinating vibrant romper suits, showcasing their undeniable adorableness. In a playful moment, Lianna is caught sneakily sipping her mother’s smoothie. Another image portrays Lianna and Divisha sitting charmingly in a pram, striking poses for the camera, while Debina and Gurmeet stand proudly behind them.

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