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Aishwarya Sharma Reveals How Playing Pakhi In GHKKPM Affected Her Mental Health; Read On

Aishwarya Sharma is a popular television actress who is currently seen in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin. In the show, she plays a grey character named Pakhi. While the show has been ruling the TRP charts for a long time, do you know that playing a negative role affected Aishwarya’s mental health too? In a recent interview, the actress opened up about the same and revealed how she used to continuously think about her character’s actions. Aishwarya also recalled discussing the same with her co-actor and husband Neil Bhatt when the latter asked her not to take it very ‘seriously’.

“It did affect me mentally in the beginning when Pakhi started feeling jealous. I used to think, why is the character feeling jealous, she should move on. My thoughts would continue separately. If a person is not responding, it’s clear that Virat doesn’t love Pakhi anymore, so, why she’s going behind him? Is she mad to do that?” Aishwarya said.

“I used to talk to Neil (Bhatt) about this ‘Why is she doing this? She’s very intelligent and she should think about herself. She’s a travel vlogger and should be career-oriented.’ Then he told me, ‘Baby, we are doing a television show, please don’t take it seriously.’ Now, I am used to it and whatever comes my way, either positive or negative, we have to perform convincingly and we are doing our jobs and I am happy,” the actress added.

However, Aishwarya also shared that Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is the show which gave her ‘fame’ and became a ‘pick-up point’ for her career. She concluded by saying that the show also provided her with the love of her life, Neil Bhatt and said, “I got my husband, Neil Bhatt – the most beautiful thing from this show, which I’d never thought. Honestly, you’ll be surprised because I never thought of marrying an actor, and exactly the opposite happened, I married an actor. It happened really quickly and we both didn’t realise.”

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