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AI will become companion to creative process, not its master: Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra on Monday said he is a believer not in artificial intelligence, but in human wisdom, and that wisdom comes from experience, during the Global Investors Meet (GIM) in Chennai.

The chairman of the Mahindra and Mahindra Group said what ChatGPT does is aggregate data but what it doesn’t do is capture what a human being has experienced and concluded about something.

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“I’m not at all gloomy about the prognostications that AI will one day take over from human beings,” he said. “Technological change is always frightening. Socrates disapproved of the idea of writing, because he believed it would affect the human being’s capacity to memorise. And yet, writing turned out to be one of the most seminal developments in human history… AI will become the companion to the creative process, not its master.”

He said that as a group, Mahindra has always believed that EVs are the way forward for a country like India, which does not have fossil fuel resources.

“We think it’s very important both for the planet as well as geopolitically for India to move to a renewable fuel. Everything is going to be about calibration,” he explained.

Mahindra said he was not operationally in charge any longer and that Rajesh Jejurikar, chief executive officer – auto and farm sectors at M&M – and Velusamy R, chief of global product development for the auto sector at the company would have to make these bets.

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“What I like is that they are calibrating, doing everything they can to succeed in EVs, but they are also making sure that if the pace of change is different, it’s not going to in any way set us back,” he explained. “We have a very strong portfolio and let me go back to what I said earlier, the real success of a car company comes from its brand, (and) from its product experience. So one way or the other, the name Mahindra doesn’t mean EVs. The name Mahindra connotes different things to different people.”Further, when speaking about the strengths that lie in Tamil Nadu, he called the quality of human capital in the state ‘outstanding’ and said it was Tamil Nadu’s ‘brahmastra.’

“The brahmastra is meant to be a weapon that has the power of devastation,” he explained. “On the other hand, the Tamil Nadu brahmastra is a weapon of empowerment. It is going to ensure that the power of human capital pushes new frontiers and makes the world a better place.”

Mahindra said that another factor that distinguishes Tamil Nadu is the bureaucracy that even helped the firm when they had teething troubles initially.

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