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Aditya Chopra’s Broadway-bound Adaptation of DDLJ is a Celebration of Inclusivity and Diversity

Aditya Chopra’s Broadway-bound musical Come Fall In Love is trying to tell an important and a relevant thing in today’s times. The show is about the need for cultural unification in a growingly divisive and toxic world. It is about the celebration of inclusivity and diversity in a world that’s getting polarised by the minute. It is about the celebration of love and how it can unify people, cultures and break down all barriers.

Come Fall In Love has many firsts for India and Indians. For the first time, an Indian director, Aditya Chopra, debuts on Broadway. It is also the first Bollywood musical set to be on Broadway. It has Vishal and Sheykhar debuting too as composers. Shruti Merchant will do her first Broadway musical as Associate Choreographer. The show champions diversity and every department from cast to technicians is a beautiful confluence of East and West as Indian and South Asian representation is at the heart of this show.

The diverse cast and technicians speak about how Come Fall in Love champions cultural unification in today’s times. The musical also has 18 original English songs to treat audiences with and the makers reveal that they also have a beautiful song ‘Love In Every Colour’ that celebrates the theme of inclusivity through the show.

Vishal & Sheykhar say, “We are extremely proud that one of the most-loved Indian films, DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge), is being adapted into the musical ‘Come Fall In Love’ at The Old Globe San Diego, with all our sights firmly set on Broadway. This is the first time an Indian film is being adapted for Broadway by the original filmmaker himself. This is therefore, also the first time India, our culture, our music, our dance and our wonderful open-heartedness is being represented to the world in this form, for and by creators and artists from India, along with celebrated veterans of Broadway Musical Theatre.”

They add, “We, along with all the other South Asians in the cast and crew, are thrilled to be making such an illustrious debut, first at The Old Globe and then on Broadway. It is a true collaboration of two worlds, of two cultures, as equals. We are celebrating love, inclusivity and equality through every moment of this show, and we know that everyone who watches it will feel that way too.”

They further add, “There are 18 original, brand new English songs including our personal favourite ‘Love in Every Colour’ that is representative of the world that we aspire to live in, a world that celebrates diversity unabashedly. We hope to spread love and joy through our show, and to touch the hearts of everyone who loves a truly joyous Broadway musical.”

Playing Simran in this reimagined adaptation is acclaimed artiste Shoba Narayan. She says, “I am thrilled to be bringing this classic love story Come Fall in Love, to Broadway and to be playing the iconic lead role of Simran. The fact that we have an Indian musical headed to Broadway feels incredibly personal and monumental to me as an Indian American actor who grew up loving Bollywood films and musical theatre. It was only a matter of time before Broadway and Bollywood found each other and I am over the moon to be leading this exceptional production.”

She adds, “Come Fall in Love tells a beautiful story of uniting people from different walks of life. Given the toxic narrative of division that has been running in our world today, Come Fall in Love is a heartfelt and relevant show that explores the importance of inclusivity and learning about a world beyond our own. As I look around our rehearsal room, I see members of every department, from East to West, pouring their full selves into this piece, and striving to authentically represent the world we are portraying.”

Austin Colby plays an American boy Roger, who falls in love with Simran, in Aditya Chopra’s Broadway musical adaptation of DDLJ. He says, “After watching DDLJ, I was filled with joy, peering through a window into the rich world of Indian culture. It is overwhelming to fully process DDLJ’s impact on both Indian and global audiences, touching hearts and changing lives. What an honor for me to be a part of bringing Come Fall In Love to the American theater audience and entrusted with this responsibility by the original director, Aditya Chopra. Hearing him talk about his vision for this musical is inspiring and something I truly believe in.”

He adds, “That being said, I’m aware what my involvement in this production means to many people and I completely understand it’s impact. I’m not the Raj that Shah Rukh Khan made us fall in love with, nor will I ever pretend to be. I am excited to fulfill the creative team’s vision for this role and I truly believe in the story and how we are telling it. I hope audiences will trust Adi and the team’s original vision for Come Fall In Love coming to Broadway and love this piece as much as we do.”

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