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Actor Naresh’s Ex-Wife Ramya Raghupathi Attacks Pavithra With Slipper

The fight between Telugu actor Naresh and his ex-wife Ramya Raghupathi has taken an ugly turn. Reportedly, Naresh is all set to marry actress and politician Pavithra. Ramya had confronted Naresh and Pavithra while they were in a hotel in Mysore. There were videos of Ramya attacking Pavithra with a slipper.

Later, Ramya interacted with the media and said, I knew they were together in the hotel and I waited all night to raise my concerns. Naresh whistled and immediately drove away from the place, unable to hide his guilt. He cannot hide his guilt and therefore resorted to such behaviour.”

“They claimed that they are best friends but stayed together in a single room all night. I am here raising concern over my son’s future and protecting his interests. I come from a proper Hindu family and I don’t like to get separated from my husband,” added Ramya.

Pavithra has also reacted to the attack and released a video on social media. She said, “I am not new to Telugu people or the industry. I needn’t explain my relationship with Naresh. To defame me out of her interests is something very upsetting. I felt like why this is happening to me. She is making me the victim and this is not correct. She should settle scores within the family.”

Pavithra also urged that Ramya should stop defaming her.

Here’s the video:

Medi Samrat on Twitter: “Actress #Pavitralokesh gives clarity on recent Allegations. #PavithraLokesh #naresh #tollywoodactress #Tollywood

Reportedly, Naresh and Pavithra are all set to get married. This will be Naresh’s fourth and Pavithra’s second marriage.

On the work front, Naresh and Pavithra are also working together on a project, which is being directed by the actress.

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