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Achieving 9.3 percent annualized return in last 10 years; all you need to know about it: Dynamic Bond Funds

With an annualized return of 9.3% over the past ten years, dynamic bond funds provide flexibility and strong returns.

When it comes to managing market volatility, dynamic bond funds are a good option because they provide the convenience of switching between short-term and long-term securities. They are open-ended debt plans that invest in bonds with varying maturities based on where investors anticipate receiving the highest returns. They are able to achieve reasonable returns under all market conditions as a result of this.

Because they provide a fixed income regardless of market conditions, these funds are suitable for investors who do not wish to frequently switch between portfolio strategies. They are also a good option for investors who are willing to invest for at least three years in order to reap the benefits of investment calls and have a moderate risk appetite.

ICICI Prudential All Seasons Bond Fund is one of the best-performing dynamic bond funds. It has been around for more than a decade and is the largest scheme in its category in terms of assets. Its portfolio choices depend on an in-house model that considers a scope of elements, including macroeconomic circumstances and loan costs.

The fund has outperformed many other funds in its category with returns of 7.1%, 7.2%, and 9.3% over the past three, five, and ten years, respectively. In addition, it has demonstrated a consistent rise in net asset value (NAV) throughout a variety of interest rate periods and in adverse conditions.

It is essential to keep in mind that interest rates and other macroeconomic factors can have an effect on debt investing, including dynamic bond funds. However, investors looking for long-term investments with moderate risk may find these funds to be a good option because they provide a fixed income.

Also, keep in mind that you need to be invested in a dynamic bond fund for at least three years in order to benefit from investment calls. In general, dynamic bond funds can be a useful instrument for controlling market volatility and generating reasonable returns under a variety of market conditions.


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