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Abhishek Banerjee: ‘Really Want to Play a Man in Uniform Because My Father Was in the Army’ | Exclusive

Actor Abhishek Banerjee, will all his performances, has proved how talented an actor he is. Be it his act as Hathoda Tyagi in Paatal Lok, or his perfect comic timing as Jana in Stree, he has explored varied roles and aced all of them. Now, it is time for him to explore a new space as he turns narrator for Boots, Belts and Berets. He is narrating the book by Tanushree Poddar, and it is available on Audible. In an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Abhishek opened up about the best part of turning narrator, and why Boots, Belts and Berets is special to him. He also revealed what Independence Day means to him.

Abhishek revealed that he had not read the book by Poddar, but loves the fact that he got to read it! “That’s what I loved about this whole experience because I really wanted to read a book. And I was not I was not getting time and I was unable to concentrate and finish one book. That was really frustrating me because I used to read a lot of books earlier. That’s when this offer came about and I was very excited because firstly, I would get to read a book and then secondly, narrate it to millions of people. It is with narration that everything starts – storytelling, and performance as an actor. So, I was going back to the basics,” the actor revealed.

Abhishek, whose father has been a part of the army, had been looking forward to play a man donning the uniform for a long time. He shared, “I really, really want to play a part who wears a uniform because I’ve seen my dad, he was in the army. I’ve seen him grind all his life. I’ve seen him waking up at 4 am and doing the duties. The kind of physical and mental endurance the officers need, I’ve seen that very closely. But I have not experienced it. In fact, main hamesh bhagta tha physical activities se because main dekh ke hi darta tha ki kya kar rahe yeh log. So for me the experience of living through those characters- the moments, the difficulties and the mental distress they went through or the physical stress they went through and still survived, and came out as better human beings, whether individuals or as the protectors of our nation- that journey was really really inspiring.”

Abhishek has the help of just his voice to emote this time, which is very different from what we have seen him do in theaters or in films and web series. Talking about that, he stressed that voice modulation is something every actor requires. He reveals, “I feel it’s very important for an actor to a sense of voice modulation because that will help you in scenes, where probably you’re not able to emote. That’s why craft is also important because every time it’s not very easy to find an emotional connect. But if you have the modulation correct, then it becomes very easy to communicate as the character. So I was out of practice, and I needed that. It took me some time to get into the rhythm of narrating a story. Mouthing dialogues is one thing, but narrating it in an interesting manner is a very different experience altogether. You have to be very patient and it has to be also interesting and entertaining for the listeners. So hat was the most tough part.”

Abhishek also shared what Independence Day means to him, and said, “I think it’s (not just) very important to be patriotic, but also to do something about it and not just sit and talk. This is the 75th anniversary of our Independence. People have really given their blood and sweat and lives. The freedom fighters, the revolutionaries, they’ve all really given a lot. It was the freedom a nation where we can be playing it freely. I think we should just enjoy it and celebrate the idea of freedom on this Independence Day.”

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