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Aai Kuthe Kay Karte: Kanchan Realises Mistake, Apologises to Arundhati For Her Behavior

Sanjana, Anirudh and Arundhati are constantly seen at loggerheads in the Marathi show Aai Kuthe Kay Karte. Recently, Kanchan also humiliated Arundhati. In a recently released promo, however, much to the surprise of the audience, Anirudh’s mother Kanchan is seen pleading and crying before Arundhati.

In the serial, Vinayak had already left the Deshmukh family after being insulted by Kanchan. In the promo, the Deshmukh family appears to be realising that it was never a good thing that Vinayak left the house. Overwhelmed with emotions, Anirudh explains to everyone that Vinayak is their well-wisher and has done a lot for them.

Anirudh explains to Isha, Abhishek and Yash that Vinayak is his father and loves them a lot. On the other hand, Kanchan is seen requesting and crying with folded hands to Arundhati to return and bring Vinayak (Kanchan’s husband) also back to the house. Arundhati accepts the request and assures Kanchan that she will return and bring Vinayak back to the house.

Just a week ago, Kanchan left no stone unturned to humiliate Arundhati. She held Arundhati responsible for differences within the family. Kanchan also insulted Vinayak that he did nothing for the Deshmukh family. Instead, it was Anirudh who did everything, said Kanchan.

Deeply hurt by this, Vinayak left the house. Everyone has been tense since he left. Arundhati, Ashutosh and Yash found him at a tea stall with Shekhar (Sanjana’s former husband) and felt quite relieved. Since then, Vinayak has been staying in Arundhati’s home. It was then that everyone came to know that Vinayak’s mental health was deteriorating.

Madhurani Gokhale Prabulkar, Milind Gawali, Kishor Mahabole, Rupali Bhosale and others are a part of this serial. It has been remade in Hindi as Anupama.

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