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 7 Tips to Travel With Your Pet In Winters

December is here, and with it the much-awaited holiday season. While you’re busy making plans to enjoy that family vacation, here’s what you need to keep in mind if you are planning to take your furry friends along.

 Ashish Anthony, co-founder of JUSTDOGS, pet care services provider in India, shares expert tips to have an amazing vacation with your pets this season.

Make sure your pet is fit to travel

Before planning any holiday that includes your pets, consult with their vet to ensure it is fine to undertake the journey. In some cases, it would be advisable to leave your pet at home with a pet sitter, in a boarding facility, or at a pet boarding facility.

Ensure breed specific care

Winter-care needs to be breed specific. A Husky or a Saint Bernard for instance might not need intensive winter care compared to smaller breeds like Shih Tzus or a Maltese. Give your pet more food in the winter than you do in the summer. For instance, dogs, especially those who exercise outside, may require up to 25% more energy in the winter than they do in the summer. Pets require more food since outdoor exercise in cold weather requires more energy. Make sure to give them foods that enable energy development and provide holistic nutrition.

Ensure a comfortable ride

For any road trips, always ensure to include a blanket and/or a pet bed that they are accustomed to using at home. It makes traveling much simpler and keeps them comfy in an unfamiliar setting. Favourite toys or snacks are often a great addition for longer journeys where they could get restless or nervous.

Pack items that will keep your dog warm

It’s crucial to pack warm-weather gear for your dog so that they can travel in comfort. Have additional blankets, dog sweaters, and boots on hand for your pet. Consider carrying a water restaurant jacket for your pet if you’re staying at a place where rain or snow is likely. Certain resorts or hotels may not have sufficient equipment for dogs, so don’t forget to pack things your pet can’t do without.

Take care of the paws

Chapped paws and itchy skin can arise due to exposure to winter’s dry, cold air, chilly rain, and snow. Maintain short nails and neatly groomed toenails. For adequate paw protection, a range of dog booties are also available. If you don’t have booties, be sure to constantly inspect your dog’s paws while you’re out and about. Allow your dog’s paws to thaw in the warmth of the house or hotel once you return. To treat cracks or dryness, you may even get some dog paw salve.

Your dog must be trained well

Make sure your dog is trained in basic commands like sit, stay and respond well to their name. Your dog should be well trained before you take them along on a winter trip. But even with a well-behaved dog on your side, you should always use a leash. New environments and the curious urge to discover might lead them to ignore commands. Train your pets to stay in the crate during the journey as having their own area gives them security and also helps to curb their anxiety during the trip. Animals also have motion sickness, so carry paper towels or wetting pads to minimize the mess.

Keep your pets hydrated while traveling

Traveling with a pet water bowl or water bottle is advised since animals get dehydrated too. Put it in your pet’s crate so that they will always have water available. Prior to travel, you can freeze the water in the bowl to reduce spillage. You might stop frequently to make sure they are receiving adequate water breaks if spills bother you as well. Feeding them moist food, which will aid in hydration, is another sensible move.

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