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6 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Winters

Long nights, short days, warm blankets, fuzzy socks, a cup of hot chocolate and extra skin nourishment – We all secretly love this time of the year. We crave for the unlimited snuggles, lazy mornings and hot coffees. It is almost fall and winters are around the corner. While we are extremely excited for the big festivities this October, there are a few things we need to be wary of during this change in season. We do not mean dengue and the flu. Though, be careful of that. I meant this is also the season of dry, dull, under-nourished and flaky skin.

Maintaining a proper skin care routine and starting it sooner can help you battle the harsh winter. However, the real key to a well-nourished skin is to choose your products enriched with natural ingredients. Also, remember, moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise. We have all heard it before that moisturiser is our holy grail during the cold season.

Here are some tips to get that soft winter glow: 

Use lukewarm water to cleanse your face
It is tempting to use hot water during the winter season but to save your skin from drying any further use lukewarm water. “Gently clean your face with facewash twice a day. Opt for a face wash that rids the face of impurities and nourishes the skin for brighter complexion. The soap free formula cleanses the skin without stripping the off skin’s natural moisture and provides the hydration healthy skin needs,” says beauty expert, Biotique.

Do not forget to use a toner
A lot of you maybe skipping this step during the winters but a good toner is the key to lock the moisture in your skin. It helps maintaining the pH levels of your skin. A toner helps in replenishing moisture and sustain the skin’s glow.

Hydration is key
As you work towards hydrating your skin from the outside remember to stay hydrated from within. Your body will thank you. “Carry your bottle of water everywhere and sip on it every half an hour. Add some lemon slices and mint to add flavour to your water,” adds beauty expert, Biotique.

Lip balms are your lips best friends
We all love our matte lipsticks but it is time to ditch those drying formulations and add some glow to your lips. Remember to exfoliate your lips and use a lip balm to seal in the moisture. This will help your lips from chapping and drying. “The top layer of your lips’ skin is much more delicate than any other part of the body. With winds getting colder, they are most likely to get dried and chapped,” says Harini Sivakumar, Founder and CEO, Earth Rhythm.

Sunscreen is non-negotiable
Now that the sun’s heat will be less scorching and we will all enjoy it more, we must not forget that the harmful UV rays are still as prevalent. “I have always stressed on the importance of using sunscreen as a non-negotiable part of your skincare; no matter the weather or if you are stepping out in the sun or not. In winters though, I would recommend to use thicker moisturisers to go with your sunscreens as they help retain the effects of your sunscreens and serums longer,” adds Sivakumar.

Moisturise and massage your skin
The cold winters can erase the skin off its natural moisture, leaving it with a sandy texture. It’s extremely important to choose a rich moisturiser to replenish and nourish your skin intensely. A rich body lotion infused with ashwagandha will help rejuvenate skin cells and revive your dull looking skin.

As you gear up for the winters remember to give your skin the goodness of real ingredients.

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